Branches Christian Fellowship

Youth Night Second Thursday of Month 6:00pm Free (with food) Next : 24th September 2020

Try table tennis Once a month we have a free youth night, where High School aged people can enjoy meeting, chatting and playing games in safe environment.

There are no screens, just fun things to do together as friends. We have a different theme each month, including Sumo and Sushi, Movie and hotdogs, Summer BBQ and Nerf gun battles.

Getting to grips with Betty the Boa

Sometimes we open up the kitchen and cook, for example on pancake day we made pancakes and before valentines day we made gingerbread couples. We've even had a visit from Ranger Rob, the animal man. We're also planning visits from a magician, hip hop dancers and a nerf gun battle party.

Cooking pancakes

For an hour, young people can be in an environment, where they will be safe, no name calling or nastiness is allowed and of course drugs and alcohol are banned.

All our leaders are DBS checked.

Valentines biscuits