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3 Legged Race View Download

Can you win a race when you're tied to a friend?

Animal Families View Download

How good are you at making animal noises? How good are you at listening? Play our fun game and find your animal family!

Blind Man's Bluff View Download

The classic party game

Brick and Spoon Race View Download

Run as quickly as you can up and down the room, but don't drop any of the bricks!

Camel Relay View Download

Race accross the room on your camel as fast as you can. First team with all their camels home are the winners!

Captain's Coming View Download

Listen to the instructions, remember the actions, don't be last or you'll be out"

Carry the can View Download

Race the other team without dropping your can. The trick is you are carrying it with a straw in your mouth and a partner!

Catch my tail View Download

Tuck in your tail and run around the room. Don't get caught or you're out!

Chain tig View Download

Add as many people as you can to your chain, as you race around the room

Christmas Bingo View Download

Listen and watch carefully to see which pictures are pulled from the bag. Will you be the first to get a row on your bingo card?

Christmas Counters View Download

Shake the dice, move your counter. Can you answer the questions for an extra turn? Will you be the first to the end?

Circuits View Download

Score points at each circuit, before your snack. Will you get more points than anyone else and be the winner?

Clown relay View Download

Dress up in our funny clown costumes and run across the room as fast as you can. Swap with a team mate, which team will get all their players back first?

Crab Grab Treasure View Download

Can you do the crab? Can you avoid getting caught? If you can you'll grab a prize!

Duck Duck Goose View Download

Get ready to run if you're tapped on the head. Catch the duck and take your turn.

Egg and Spoon Race View Download

Play the traditional race game with your friends - you may even be able to eat the egg afterwards!

Fireworks games View Download

Play our fun games, with a fireworks theme

Fleece Races View Download

Go for a great ride on a blanket, then swap with your friend and pull them along!

Flip the Fish View Download

Waft your fish along the floor as quick as you can to win the race!

Fruit Salad View Download

Swap places with your fruity friends

Giant Sack Race View Download

Jump as fast as you can to race in your giant sack

Herd the Sheep View Download

Get all the sheep into the pen before the other team. Be careful if you rustle any sheep from the other side you'll lose a point!

Lance Roll Relay View Download

Race as fast as you can to empty all the paper from the lance

Limbo View Download

Go as low as you can, but don't knock off the bar or touch the floor with your hands!

Marshmallow Pipe Tig View Download

How good is your aim? Fire marshmallows at your friends to make them still. Have you been shot? Catch the marshmallow in your mouth and you can keep running!

Minion Stations View Download

Which Minion will be chosen? Guess correctly or you'll be out!

Musical Bumps View Download

The classic party game

Musical Snowflakes View Download

Don't be the last to find a snowflake to stand on! There are less and less each time the music stops. You'll need to be quick!

Musical Statues View Download

The classic party game

Paper Aeroplanes Target View Download

Make a paper plane and see if you can hit the target!

Pass the Key View Download

Can you slide the key along behind you without being spotted?

Pass the star relay View Download

Can you pass the stars along the rows without getting in a knot? Play our team game and see if you can work together with your friends

Peep behind the curtain View Download

How close to the curtain will you get before you get chased? Run, run, run!

Piggy Back Races View Download

Have fun playing the traditional party game

Pirates are coming! View Download

0 Edit Delete Captain's Coming Listen to the instructions, remember the actions, don't be last or you'll be out"

Pound catcher View Download

The Dog Pound catcher has left his pole lying around. Watch out that you don't get caught up in it in our fun game!

Quiz Corners View Download

Work out the answers to the questions and run to the correct place. Who will be last there?

Santa's Beard Relay View Download

This is a sticky, sloppy, funny game. Will your team be able to build the biggest beard for Santa? Work together to win the game!

Skateboard Sit Down View Download

Race around the course, but sat down and pushing with your legs. It's harder than you think!

Sleeping Lions View Download

Can you stay still while being tickled with a feather duster?

Snake Tails View Download

Chase people to get the longest tail

Soggy Sponges View Download

Wet soggy and annoying, but great fun to throw at other people!

Sort the Sheep View Download

Which team will get their sheep in their bowls the quickest? But will they be correctly sorted? Spots or Stripes?

Spaghetti Relay View Download

Fill your team's plate with spaghetti - but you have to grab it with your hands and run with it first!

Spin the bottle View Download

Who will have to do a forfeit when the bottle stops?

Stations View Download

Do you know the answer to our question? Run to the correct corner or you'll be out!

Stilts View Download

Play around with these great stilts and then take them home

Storm the Tower View Download

Build your toilet roll tower as quick as you can. Knock down the other teams. Who will have the tallest when the whistle goes?

Stuck in the Mud View Download

Run quick, don't get tagged! Help your friends get out of the mud!

Towel Ball Bounce View Download

Can you carry a ball with your partner on a towel without dropping it? What about the rest of your team? First team with everyone back is the winner!

Toy Story Families View Download

Find the other characters that are just like you. Say your catchphrase, make your noise, do your action

Traffic Lights View Download

Listen carefully for the next colour and follow the instructions, or you'll be arrested for traffic violations!

Tug of War View Download

Get a strong team around you and pull your opponents past the point of no return!

Turtle Race View Download

Twin Tig View Download

Our fun game is like normal tig, but you're tied to a partner to make it harder!

Water Relay Race View Download

Can you carry the glasses carefully enough, so your team has the most water in the bucket at the end?

Web Hunt View Download

Catch hold of a piece of web and follow it until you find the treat at the end

What time is it Mr. Wolf? View Download

Creep up on the wolf. When he turns around, run!

Wheelbarrow race View Download

Can you get to the end of the course and back without falling apart?

Wink Murder View Download

Can the detective guess who is the murderer? If you see them wink, do your best acting as you pretend to die!