Branches Christian Fellowship

Foodbank Saturdays 10:30am to 12 noon

CAP money course Some of our friendly team Our foodbank is run in conjunction with Rochdale Foodbank. They are only able to operate Monday to Friday, so we open our doors on Saturday mornings to extend the time people can get help.

We have friendly teams who open up and provide a cuppa, biscuit and chat while you wait for your food. We're also open as a Place of Welcome during Food Bank, so you can just pop in for a brew and get to know some friendly faces without accessing food bank.

Some of our friendly team if you do need help from the Food Bank remember you'll need to get a voucher from a referral agency. These include health centres, children's centres, Citizen's Advice and in our area, Kentmere School. Once you have your voucher, pop along and we'll help you through the process.