Branches Christian Fellowship

What regular meetings do you have?

Sundays: Our meetings are informal, with lively worship, prayer, testimony and inspirational preaching from either one of our team or a visiting speaker. Children are welcomed as a valued part of our Church family. Sunday School takes place during the morning service; everyone no matter how young or old meets together for the first part of the service. During the preaching part the adults stay in the main hall and the children go out into separate classes.

Bible Study Groups: everyone is assigned to a study group. Bible Study is a key part of a Christian's walk with God and so we encourage everyone to attend as much as possible. You can raise questions, talk about specific topics, understand how relevant the Bible is to today's society and generally get a deeper knowledge of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Each group follows the same programme of study.

Prayer meetings: we hold prayer meetings twice a month and for special events. We praise God for all He does for us and pray for the community, people's needs and ministries.

Planning meetings: these are open to the whole fellowship and everyone is encouraged to come. It gives you the opportunity to input into what's going on, provide new ideas, talk about what we are planning, pray into what we believe God is saying and plan future events.

Monthly Munch: Once a month we bring our butties to church and after the service have a picnic together in the hall, to give us chance for a catch up with each other.

Social Events: these are adhoc but fairly regular and can take many forms! We've had Oscars night, curry nights, murder mystery, laser quest and Burn's night to name but a few. Everyone from the youngest to the oldest is welcome and members are encouraged to bring friends and family even if they don't come to the church. See Dave or Andy if you would like to know more.

What do you do for the community?

Aligned with our vision we seek to serve the community by running several activities for people of all ages, to which all are welcome.

We run regular activities which seek to serve our community, as well as family fun days and Christmas events. Click on a page for more information about each one.

Groups and members of the community can hire rooms in our building at very reasonable prices. See our Hire page for more information

Christians Against Poverty Christians Against Poverty Circuits with Sabrina Circuits with Sabrina
Food Bank Food Bank Fun Days Fun Days
Kids Klub Kids Klub Coffee and Cake Place of welcome
Saplings Parent and Toddler Saplings Baby and Toddlers Stay and Play Stay and Play
School Uniform Pass Around School Uniform Pass Around Youth Group Youth Drop In


What time should I get there? By about 5 minutes before a meeting starts, but you're welcome earlier if you want to chat.

Where should I sit? Anywhere you feel comfortable.

What should I wear? Anything - we care about you, not what you wear.

Are you 'happy-clappy', traditional or modern? None really. We enjoy all types of worship including traditional hymns and contemporary songs. The band is made up of singers, guitarists, keyboard, drummer and a violin.

What do I do during the service? We have singing, prayers, testimony and preaching. Everyone gets involved and you are free to join in as you wish. The leader will guide you through every aspect of the service.

Can I bring my children? YES! We are a family and welcome all ages. We run a great Sunday School. n.b. pre-school children must have a responsible adult in the building at all times.

Should I take communion? If you have committed your life to Jesus and love Him we encourage you to share communion with us. If in doubt speak to one of the leaders.

Does going to church make me a Christian? No. The Bible says that only those who believe and put their faith in Jesus Christ are saved (John 3:16).

Will I be asked for money? We don't have a collection on a Sunday; our members arrange personally how they will support our work. We do pass a pot round, for spare pennies for an orphanage in Nigeria, but you are not obliged to put anything in.

How can I find out more? Come along to any of the meetings or drop us a note via the contact page and let's have a chat.

Will I be asked to sign up to anything?

Our intentions are to follow Biblical principles whilst recognising that we have to comply with Charity Commission Regulations on legal issues.

Being a member of BCF means that the Eldership accept that you are a born-again, practicing, committed Christian who believes that God has called you to be part of this fellowship. Practically this means getting involved in our vision, strategy and activities.

People who are not practicing Christians are welcome and encouraged to join us and come to the various activities and church events, however they will not be allowed to undertake specific roles such as teaching, preaching and leading groups nor will they be allowed to vote on key church issues.

I want to use my talent in the church, will I be allowed?

God has a plan and purpose for your life. He wants you to live life to the full and by the Holy Spirit you can do all things. So we encourage every member of the Fellowship to discover and develop their gifts. This means standing alongside people as they discover their true God-given gifts and giving them every opportunity to develop those gifts. Sometimes it can also mean discouraging people from trying to exercise gifts which are clearly not theirs. Be encouraged to pray about your gifting and to have a chat with the Elders about your ministry.