Branches Christian Fellowship

Circuits - Thursdays 7:00 £2 including mat and water

Sabrina demonstrates a chair lift Circuits is our friendly, relaxed, exercise group.

Circuits is lead by Sabrina, and is accessible for all abilities. We do boot camp style exercises such as sit ups, chair lifts and Russian twists, but in a way that means even the most unfit can join in and still get benefit.

Bicycle crunches, but only as many as you can manage There are people of all fitnesses and shapes and sizes at circuits, and Sabrina uses different workouts and programmes each week so that it doesn't get boring but her method means you can set personal goals and stick to them.

For example, she may say we're doing 30 seconds of crunches; some people may do 5, some people will do 40. You can then seek to improve your numbers each week.

Sabrina does all the exercises, no shouting down your ear! Circuits is better and different from many classes, because there is no shouting! No pushy, nasty coach, it's done by encouragement and a team mentality of everyone workng together to help each other. We actually have a laugh and make friends.

Sabrina does all the exercises herself at the front of the class, so you can clearly see what to do and she can keep a handle on how everyone is feeling. She'll come and demonstrate to new comers, personally so that you can get the correct position and the best benefit from the class.